Best Masters Degrees for Today’s Louisville Business Environment

We’re seeing a lot of exciting developments and growth from the business scene in Louisville. The market is picking up and there are a lot of job opportunities to pursue. For those who want to have an even better career, the opportunities are there too. One of the best ways to advance your career further is by getting a masters degree. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best degrees to get today.

Business Administration

Whether its Management Information System or other majors, an MBA can really help you a lot in your career. This degree is very popular among workers too. To make it even better, those who complete a masters in business administration can expect a nice boost in salary too.

The University of Louisville College of Business has a very good MBA program. Alternatively, you can get an online MBA from top universities such as the Washington State University. Getting an MBA degree online is very easy. It also allows you to manage your time and still be effective at work.

According to the latest research, MBA holders in Louisville can expect anywhere from $100,000 to $120,000 mid-career pay. It is an interesting – and certainly appealing – prospect to pursue nonetheless.


There is a huge demand for masters in statistics right now. Biostatistics in particular is a field that can prove to be very rewarding. In fact, due to our business landscape, those with a masters degree in biostatistics are among the highest-paid, most sought after workers in Louisville.

The mid-career salary expectation may not be as high as MBA holders, with the average being recorded at around $100,000. That said, those with a masters in statistics can expect a better career, higher prospects of landing a top-management job and an overall better career progression in the long run. For some, these securities are definitely worth going after.

Communication Science

In an era where social media, internet marketing and modern means of communications are very important for businesses, having a masters degree in the field is certainly a huge plus. A lot of companies in the area are expanding their marketing and PR divisions. You can be part of the shift and have better career prospects by getting a master in communication science.

Similar to the masters in business administration program, you can get a degree in communication science online. There are a lot of amazing courses from top universities across the country. The University of Kentucky also has a reputable communication science department.

The same research on masters degrees in Kentucky recorded high satisfaction among those with this type of a masters degree. The mid-career pay is slightly lower than the two degrees we talked about earlier, but the industry is growing and your career can grow with it.

These are just some of the best masters degrees for today’s business environment. Other fields such as physical therapy and software engineering are just as exciting. The market is growing, so act quickly and get yourself a suitable masters degree to benefit from the rapid growth we’re seeing.