The Best Ways To Discover A New City

Visiting a new city is a great way to explore somewhere different, step outside your comfort zone and escape your daily routine. Whether you are in town for work-related purposes, visiting a friend or simply stopping through on your way to somewhere else, it is always worth getting out and exploring so that you can soak up culture and meet a few of the locals – you could even make some new friends! If you are in a new city and are not sure what to do with yourself, here are a few great ideas whether you are traveling solo or with a few acquaintances.

Go To A Bar

There is no better way to meet locals and get a taste of what the area is like than by going to a local bar. These are normally easy to come by but take a look online to see where the best-rated ones are (although sometimes the hidden gems are the best!). If you are feeling adventurous, consider a bar crawl to try and find the best drinking spot for yourself – just be careful not to get lost!


One of the best ways to explore a different town is to simply wander the streets and take everything in. When you have not connected different areas in your head yet, this is an exciting and adventures experience, and it is also the best way to familiarize yourself with the area. Visit the busy shopping areas, the quiet backstreets, the parks and simply take in your new surroundings. It is also worth asking any friendly locals where they recommend visiting for an out of towner.

Escape Room

Looking for something fun to do? Escape rooms have become hugely popular in recent times, and now most cities have at least one, which can easily be found by searching online with the name of the city, Milwaukee Escape Room, for example. These experiences can be great fun and a real challenge with a group of friends, but if you are traveling solo, then they can also be a good way to meet people and make friends.


There is something thrilling about visiting a different city and embracing the role of tourist as even the biggest tourist traps can be fun in their own cheesy way. A guided tour is a superb way to learn the lay of the land whilst being told about the local history and see the major attractions – be sure to take lots of photos!

Local Cuisine

Local cuisine is the heart and soul of every major region, so this is one of the best ways to experience and understand somewhere different. Head to a local restaurant or even a street food vendor to sample the local specialties. Picking somewhere randomly can be a gamble, so perhaps look online for places with favorable reviews first.

Visiting a new city can be exciting and a little daunting, but it is also a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and discover somewhere new. There are many different ways to do this, but the above are the best ways to get an authentic experience in a new city.