Better to Talk Bats and Bourbon

This week’s Rusty Satellite Show gave me a chance to visit the Derby Museum for a mid-afernoon bourbon tasting. Fred Minnick definitely knows his whiskey, and it got him a cool new job over there as “bourbon Authority.” The Derby Museum, attempting to capitalize on the popularity of bourbon, has created a special room for Fred’s bourbon education classes, which ought to be fun for all those tourists more curious about drinking than Horses.

My other guest is an old friend – Rick Redman. We’ve had a good time accepting compliments for each other for many years. He does PR for Louisville Slugger and formerly did the same thing for the Lottery. He’s not me. But having someone in my industry who’s so much like me is kind of weird, in a good way.

Both conversations are interesting, I think. I hope you do too. It’s easy to listen at this link — just one click, on your computer or phone, and you can hear the show. Please take a listen and welcome our new sponsor, George Barrett of Semonin Realtors.

And I’m learning how to make movies. I got Fred to do a brief video on his bourbon classes.