Big expectations Come With Siva’s Captain Rank

Coach Rick Pitino dropped a small bombshell this morning. He announced this season’s team captains to be the squad’s only seniors Kyle Kuric and Chris Smith; but also named Junior Peyton Siva to the role. Pitino cited Siva’s “unparalleled” leadership for the change in protocol. Rick usually reserves the captain status for Seniors.

Siva's new role as captain comes with some territory.

The progression of Siva only adds to the building hype behind what many believe will be his breakout season. The point guard was ranked second and fourth in the Big East last year in steals and assists respectively. He played excellently in the Bahamas, and will be on many lists of players to watch.

One question does emerge from Pitino’s announcement. How much is Siva’s role due to “leadership ability” and how much of it is due to his likely exit at the end of this season.

Pitino commented last month that he believes that Siva will forgo his Senior season in favor of the NBA, but Siva has yet to comment.

Siva’s departure is certainly not out of the question. Its become a tradition for one Cardinal Junior to hop over to the NBA every year. This year it was Terence Jennings and last year it was Samardo Samuels, and many expect Siva to carry on the trend.

No matter what lies in the future, Siva’s pick as captain is a good decision.  Siva has long been labeled as the future, a player who is still developing. Its time for the High School All-American to step up to the hype. Without a breakthrough season from Peyton, Louisville will still be good but not great.