Big Four – A Bridge We Can Actually Finish

We can finish this one

Most of us know that the Ohio River Bridges Plan is never going to happen, despite all the hysteria over this week’s Bridges Forum.

But every time we pass by the Big Four Bridge and that wonderful looping expanse we’ve built in Waterfront Park, we think about how nice it will be to ride and/or walk across the scenic old railroad bridges – especially if officials have the sense to prohibit vehicular traffic.

At least that’s what I’m hoping happens during today’s press conference at the Waterfront, where Greg Fischer “will announce that Kentucky, Indiana and the City of Jeffersonville have committed $22 million to complete the Big Four pedestrian bridge.”

Yowza! Over in Jeffersonsville, the end of the bridge is marked by a massive drop-off, a cliff of a proportion that even vandals fear to mount. On the bridges surface, the whole thing has to be resurfaced. Estimates are that it will take at least two years. Here’s a previous story from Fox41 on the project.

Construction will start this spring.