Big Local Issues: Penis Trial, Bigamy, Garage Sale

I managed to take this photo of my shadow riding along Watterson Trail yesterday

Penis Envy: Anybody else find it funny to see reporters and anchors’ discomfort in covering this “penis” story? Would anyone care about this trial in Shelbyville if the doctor had amputated Phillip Seaton’s hand? And I heard Mr. Seaton uttered this unforgettable string of words, taken completely out of context: “He said the good news was he cut off my penis.”  Really, the story has been getting way more attention than it deserves, but why not? It is about a penis.

Me and Mr. Jones: OK, I should have called Matt Jones yesterday about his dispute with Bill Lamb. I said as much when Jones invited me on his radio show today. But what seemed to really irritate him was that I called some UK fans “lunatics”. I stand by that one, defined this way by—“a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And Mr Blue: Watch the site for some explosive words from developer Todd Blue, who wasn’t too pleased with something about the way our own Cindy Lamb requested an interview. Juicy, juicy.

Little League Coverage: Just noting that WLKY chose to send Keith Farmer to the Little League World Series, rather than just sending reporters to LaGrange to gauge fan reaction. And how lucky are those kids — they get to stay in Williamsport through the end of the World Series, missing another week of school.

So Many Men. . . : Good for WHAS-TV’s Claudia Coffey, who interviewed the Hardin County woman arrested for bigamy.  In an interview with Coffey, Angela Christianson said people were out to get her because she’s Jewish.  And because she was married to three men at the same time.

Garage Sale Prices on a Garage: Some Metro Council Republicans are ticked the Cordish, beneficiary of a sweetheart development deal negotiated with Jerry Abramson, is now acting on an option to buy a downtown garage for a bargain price of $2.7 million. Especially when Cordish isn’t fulfilling its promise to develop that doomed  Center City project. Ans still won’t say how it spent that $850K on a sports bar.

It Won’t Be Jackie Green: Mayor Fischer is fulfilling a campaign pledge to create an Office of Sustainability. The new hire will first have to justify a salary and benefits package worth $140K, because the Mayor says the job will have an immediate ROI in energy savings.