Big win across the pond for Kentucky boy, Russ Cochran.

Yesterday, I tried to get a lot of the things done around my house that one never does unless company’s coming or one finally just screams that the toilet paper roll keeps falling off.  I’ve even lowered myself to leaving it semi-fixed and blaming the occasional guest in the powder room for its breakage and shaming them into fixing it, but the jig is up in my circle and alas, yesterday was the day for my honey do’s.  And, since I don’t currently have a honey, I’m my own honey.

Sometimes, I reward myself with a glass of wine or upscale cheeses and crackers so I have some sort of diversion to the madness some handymen find engaging and interesting.

I made my best Fortnum and Mason tea and a little brie and bread and turned on the Senior British Open to watch my cousin Russ play his game.  I was disappointed he didn’t play the Senior PGA Championship here in the ‘ville because of a recurring and cranky illness that’s the-rye-in-the-denture of his game.

I came in and out of frustration with the friggin’ toilet paper roll to find Russ with the lead, then continuing to keep it.  I received frequent texts and updates from my friends who were watching it along with me.  Steadfast and focused, I stayed in the powder room on the floor — toilet between my legs — so I could better angle myself to the holes in the drywall left by the plastic screw housing thingies that go in and fall right out of the wall now, hence my project.

But, the ding-ding of my iPhone text notification gave me every excuse to pull up my haunches and pop into the family room to see my first cousin, several years my senior, make all of Kentucky and Paducah very, very proud.  Although I claim Louisville as my home, I was born in Paducah and all my people are still there.  My Dan-Dad was Paducah’s City Manager when I was a baby and he served on the Civil Service Board.  My Aunt Marcia and all three of my Cochran cousins are doing good by our hometown.

There are several people from Paducah who live nearby with whom I regularly discuss golf and the goings on of our beloved Paducah.  For instance, my neighbor across the street grew up in Paducah and it was my watching of Russ on television many years ago that initially created our hometown connection.

So, at about 1:00 pm, the texts were coming fast and furious and I was like a parishioner at Catholic Mass … up, down, up, down, up down … Facebook lit up and my chat window bonked, bonked, bonked.  With all the technology out there, I was being bombarded by family members, friends, golfers and we were all rooting and cheering for Russ and his run for his first major in a career that started as kid who, as a lefthander, couldn’t find men’s left-handed clubs so he had to play with a set of ladies’ clubs.  He played golf at UK and then got his PGA tour card.

By 2:00 the texts were celebratory and  I put a little bottle of Maker’s into my boat bag and drove around town to the homes of all my Paducah friends and offered them a nip from my bottle.  I e-mailed Jody Demling at the Courier to hurry up and post his story so I could post it on facebook.  When I got home, my Aunt Marcia had called, I had a message from one of my cousins, Russ’ sister, and a myriad of well wishers giving their best.

It was a good day for Kentucky golfers.  A girlpal of mine is married to a caddy who carries the bag of another Kentucky golfer and I can tell you, I have celebrated silently for her (caddies earn a cut of the golfer’s winnings) on many of her husband’s wins!  On any given weekend, any golfer can win.  On any given weekend, Jodie Mudd or Kenny Perry could have picked up that win.  But, this weekend, it was Russ.

His wins have been a long time coming, too.  He’s reared up four beautiful children and been a good husband and family man while still making a great living doing what he loves and what we all love him doing when he’s feeling good and not nursing an injury.  Now that his children are grown and out of the house, he’s spending some of the winter in Florida when he’s not traveling.

He missed many tournaments on the PGA tour when he was younger so he could watch his sons and daughter enjoy their pursuits while making house and a wonderful family life with his St. Mary’s High School sweetheart, Jackie.

One of his sons carried his bag this weekend; how wonderful to have him right there for the win!

I haven’t talked to Russ and neither has his mother; frugal Brockmans and Cochrans we are!  But, I know he can feel us beaming for him like the rest of the Commonwealth.

I’m glad that I pay for unlimited texting!