Bike Ride Honors U.S. Rep. Giffords


The League of American Bicyclists decided to dedicate this year’s Congressional Bike Ride to Rep. Gabrielle Giffiords. On the last day of the National Bike Summit, a good portion of the 750 delegates to the Summit in Washington, D.C. met at the Capitol steps to ride about 10 miles through the city. The event started with a moment of silence for peace and for the congresswoman’s recovery. Participants received blue wrist bands with the message of a peace symbol, a heart and “Gabby.”

The ride honors Rep. Giffords as well as those killed in the Tucson shooting. Congresswoman Giffords is a regular rider and a member of the Congressional Bike Caucus.

Grace. Peace. Bicycle Grease.

PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane.
Share the road.

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Enjoy the ride home.
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