Louisville Bike to Work Profile: Meet one brave bicycling barista

Abby Simon rides a bike to work at Heine Brothers' Coffee
Abby bikes to Heine Brothers'

Abby says the best way to enjoy a beautiful day is on a bicycle.  She earned her stripes as an urban cyclist while at school in Boston. She had a collision with an inattentive pedestrian near Boston Commons. That crash left Abby with a broken hand, scrapes and bruises, but she soon climbed back in the saddle.

“Cycling around Boston can be pretty scary,” says the Heine Brother’s barista. “But  sometimes it’s even scarier here in Louisville because drivers are less friendly toward bikers and less aware.” I interviewed Abby briefly after her shift at the Frankfort Ave. Heine Brothers’ coffee shop.

The confident 25 year old observed that many Louisville motorists haven’t yet caught on to the emergence of more bikes on the roads. “At the same time,” she added, “bad bikers give us all a bad name” by doing things like riding on sidewalks into crosswalks and generally ignoring traffic laws.

Abby has a simple suggestion for overcoming the fears associated with urban cycling: “Just take one look at gas prices.” she said.  “And biking is still the best way to enjoy a beautiful day.”

A key to making cycling in Louisville a lot less frightening is to simply get more people to use more bikes more often for short trips. It just makes sense that when bikes are everywhere, motorists will begin to accept them as part of the driving experience – not a sudden surprise out of nowhere. in many of the bike-friendliest cities, cyclists in numbers tend to actually calm traffic, slow motorists and help get people to their destinations more quickly in the long run! Imagine that. (Think tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. It’s an old and satisfying concept.)

Join the Louisville Bike to Work Challenge!

The Louisville Bike to Work Challenge is a friendly competition for Bike To Work Month to encourage people in the Louisville area to use bikes for transportation! All trips for work, errands, or fun count as one point. Most points wins! Organize a team of your colleagues, neighbors, friends, etc. (Only the top five scorers in a team will count toward the challenge total). Who will win the coveted Golden Handlebars and be recognized before the whole city at Bike to Work Day celebrations, Friday, May 2o, at Fourth Street Live.

If you don’t have a team of your own, join mine! I often use Heine Brothers’ coffee shops as my office, where I find a distinct breed of commuting cyclists. We pedal to and from the friendly confines of Heine Brothers Coffee, where we toil away both day and night. We conduct business – study, write, research, schmooze, sell, commiserate, collaborate, and caffeinate at Heine Brothers. It’s not your everyday cube farm. But it works for us. CLICK HERE to register for the challenge.

Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease.

PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane.
Share the road.

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Enjoy the ride home.
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