Biking All the Buzz in D.C.


In case you’re just tuning in, I’m posting this from Washington, D.C. I got here by bike in an all-day rain on Saturday — 130 miles from Louisville to Cincinnati — and by Amtrak. The train ride took 20 hours. A shoot-out on the railroad tracks caused a five hour delay when police turned the tracks into a real live CSI.

Special thanks to my RAGBRAI pal Steve Edwards for transporting me and my bike to his Potomac Falls home, where he and Sharon treat me like a king. I’ll be using the Metro Orange Line and commuting to Metro Center with Steve during the National Bike Summit.

A big thanks to my friends Justin Mog and Amanda Fuller for introducing me to Justin’s parents, who welcomed me to Arlington, Va. I had a fabulous meal with them Monday night, followed by a bike advocacy meeting and film at the local library, and a private viewing of David’s slides from his bike tours with Justin and brother Joel. We had a lot to talk about — until midnight. I slept in Justin’s old room. Thanks, folks! It just doesn’t get any better than this. And the Bike Summit doesn’t get started for two more hours!

Thanks to the Planet Bike gang

Another big shout-out to Planet Bike. They’re the people who have been watching my back for the past several years and they covered my cost of registration here. I’ve been a great fan of their products and their bike advocacy for a long time. The Planet Bike Superflash is one of my essential safety items. I ride with two of them on the back of my Surly. Read the article I wrote for The Courier-Journal back on Derby Day, 2007 to find out more about the Superflash.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll try to keep you posted on the Bike Summit, including meetings with our congressional leaders on Thursday.

And while I’m thanking people, let me point out that Congressman John Yarmuth is a member of the House Bike Caucus. This is something we can be grateful for. It means that Rep. Yarmuth cares about creating a more bike-friendly Kentucky. Take time to write or call and thank him for this sign of support. He needs to know you care.

Finally, go to the League of American Bicyclists Website to find out why 750 advocates have come here from all across the nation — even by bike in the pouring rain!

Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease.


PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Share the road.

…….( )/ ( )
Enjoy the ride home.