Bin Laden’s Death-Moderate,Don’t Celebrate

I admit one part of me wanted to jump for joy when I found out about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I had the same visceral reaction many others have shared, and continue to experience today. But another part of me is saddened, and repelled by our joy. I do not deny his killing was necessary, but to rejoice as many seem to be doing is not something I enjoy.

I won’t deny that President Obama and others will benefit from this on a political level, but to use the phrase, “welcome to hell”, is not something that needs to be repeated ad nauseum. Yes we all are glad he’s gone, but to rejoice and revel in this killing is not what we should be doing right now. We should be commending our leaders, and our military for doing what was needed, and what was asked of them.

I hearken back to a few times in my life when everyone seemed be ultra-patriotic. The Apollo 11 moon landing, the national bicentennial, the end of the first Gulf War, and a few more. All were celebrated and justly so, but there was also a jingoistic air around all of them. Sort of a bandwagon effect. No one wanted to be left out of the happiness. There was also an air of, “don’t mess with the USA”, that was palpable around all of those events. I fear that may be where this event is heading.

Everyone is understandably proud of what our armed forces accomplished in finding Bin Laden, but I fear we all lose sight of the big picture sometimes. There are more just like him out there, and they all want to kill Americans and free peoples of the world. Feel proud, but be vigilant. Don’t become complacent, or comfortable now that he’s dead.