Birth Certificate-Meet The Hairline

Well, now that the White House has officially released Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, we can finally figure out some things. First of all, why do this now-or address it at all?

Trump - Dumb

Two very good reasons, and both are pure politics. Obama was very astute in the way he dealt with this whole thing. He waited for just the right moment to unload on the ‘birthers’. But, he needed a one-note buffoon of a Republican candidate wannabe to take the bait. Enter Donald Trump. AKA “the Hairline.”

Trump was so one-note that I found it hard to believe anyone would take him seriously about this whole thing, but sure enough, there were plenty of takers. While very few GOP mainstreamers or even Tea Partiers would endorse Trump’s efforts at “uncovering” Obama’s so-called deception, very few came out to denounce him either. Whether that is a tacit approval can only be subjective, but Obama and the Dems will be using this when it comes time to take off the gloves.

What they’ll do now is wait. Wait until the GOP field starts crowding up, which it will do shortly. THEN they’ll begin painting those folks like Gingrich, Palin, Trump and any others who didn’t denounce “the Hairline”, as nutty extremists. That will begin to cull the field fast.

What really makes me laugh is the fact that none other than Karl Rove seems to be the only person who saw this coming-at least publicly. He went on Fox News and several other outlets multiple times to denounce Trump, and lots of others for pursuing or endorsing this tactic, and he was right. Now that alone should prove my objectivity since I agree with Rove on virtually nothing. But he was right this time.

I still think once the GOP shakes out its candidates, it will be Romney, and Huckabee left standing with Mitt at the top. As for ‘the Hairline’? Just go back to network TV and leave politics alone.