Boel’s WAVE Audition No Secret

Former WLKY-TV anchor John Boel, who was dismissed at his former station after a second DUI last year, auditioned for the co-anchor spot alongside Jean West for WAVE’s Sunrise show this week, according to multiple sources. Boel’s audition may be the worst-kept secret in town. Calls to WAVE officials have gone unanswered today.

John Boel may be coming back to local TV

Boel, whose book about his alcohol addiction and recovery has become a big seller locally, declined to comment on the audition today. “On the News, In the News” was published this fall by Butler Books.

Boel’s got a roomful of trophies for his work in local journalism, and much of it was accomplished during his time as an alcoholic. A few months back, he said, “If I did that well while I had that problem, imagine what I could do now?”

WAVE, which needs all the help it can get to bounce out of last place in most ratings periods, would gain a familiar face to viewers and a sober, hard-working journalist.

Boel will be the featured speaker at next month’s Breakfast of Champions event Jan. 9 at the University Club. Sign up and get details on Facebook