Bowling is Fun. . . For Kids’ Parties

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Great Kids Party ideas for Kids of All Ages

Kids’ parties are supposed to be fun but unfortunately what’s fun for the children can turn into a nightmare for the parents. Summer birthday parties in the back yard are great . . . just so long as the weather holds. Bouncy castles and barbecues soon lose their appeal in a torrential thunder storm and then what do you do with a dozen hyperactive 6 year olds? There’s also the other end of the spectrum – we don’t do the “nature thing” – not all babies are actually born in the warm summer months, we tend to have them at all times of the year (often a full 9 months after Dads birthday – work it out).


Choosing the right type of kids’ party ensures that not only the kids have great fun but the grown-ups too. Some of these party ideas are actually spot on for grown-ups anyhow; you don’t need children to enjoy some great party fun.

A day at the zoo – although the idea of supervising a gaggle of excitable youngsters may not be very appealing some zoos will organize special birthday party type trips which is a different story entirely. An organized trip with a staff member can be educational and great fun – especially if they’ll provide you with a party picnic too.

Bowling – bowling is terrific fun for kids of all ages. You really are never too young to bowl – they have bowling balls which are incredibly light for the youngsters plus ramps and side-rails to ensure that even the smallest tot can have some fun. Many bowling clubs will do special deals for children parties to include party food and everything – all you have to do is to turn up, have fun and leave without having to worry about cleaning up the mess. If you have any child prodigies in your midst check out the great supplies at Bowlers Paradise for some terrific birthday presents too.

Nature and Park Parties – a trip to your local botanical garden or nature center can provide a fabulous location for a birthday party. There’s lots of fun to be had, great stuff like plantings, nature walks, bird spotting . . . some even have indoor facilities for if the weather is bad.

Skating – ice skating parties are terrific for older children but maybe not suitable for the real youngsters who have only just got the habit of walking on the ground without falling and tripping. Skating is great fun for adults too – be prepared for lots of tumbles.


Down on the farm – some working/tourist farms will organize activities for a children’s party where they can learn all about the animals and how a farm works. Children are always keen to help bottle feed lambs, feed the chickens and can even help with harvesting at some times of the year. Check it out if there are any farms or orchards near you.
Getting crafty – some craft studios will organize children’s parties where they can make or paint their own pottery (plates, bowls and mugs) – the messier the better and they’ll even have a souvenir to take home.

Go-kart racing – there are many indoor and outdoor kart tracks which can provide high octane fun for quite small children. There will be an age limit so check that out before you book a party. This type of party really is something to remember.

With so many great party ideas and choices there really is no need to toil at home making sandwiches and praying for the weather to hold – swoop in, have fun and swoop out . . . that’s the way to do it.