Brass Knuckles in Facebook Snafu

Wanohah Knuckles

Digital Media causes arrest

A mother upset her daughter was insulted on Facebook, the digital media of choice, was charged with assault Friday after police said she entered a locker room after a girls basketball game and choked a player.

Wanohah Hope Knuckles, 36, is accused of entering the visiting team’s locker room with her daughter, a Kammerer student and basketball player, pushing aside the coach for Westport Middle School and choking a player on that school’s team , according to her arrest warrant.

The incident happened Feb. 7 after a basketball game at Kammerer Middle School against Westport Middle School.

Knuckles was upset because the Westport player had insulted her daughter on Facebook after a January game between the same teams, according to her warrant.

Social media exchanges between multiple students from both of the schools prompted school officials to provide extra administrators for the game “out of an abundance of caution,” said Ben Jackey, spokesman for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Social Media are a very popular way of communicating, particularly with a younger generation, however, as with all digital marketing mediums (yes, whether we like it or not Facebook is a self promoting, digital marketing tool) we must remember that it is not a private communique.  When a Facebook post, or Twitter Tweet is published we are sending that message, not only to the intended recipient, but everyone else who has access. And, as with many other forms of digital marketing the audience may be much wider than we think – and with greater consequences than we think too!


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