Bring it on Prince William

Embarrassing Groom confession number 3 – last night I watched a show about the Royal Wedding.  Brigid has been threatening to get “really into” the Royal Wedding for a while now, and last night we took the plunge together (rather appropriate maybe?).

It was interesting.  I’ve always felt a kinship with the future King.  We’re both named William and we’re about the same age.  It sort of seemed like we grew up together.  While he was at the fancy boarding school where he had to wear a tuxedo everyday, I went through my “alternative” phase wearing argyle socks with shorts.  While he was being hounded by the paparazzi, I was in 11 yearbook photos.  In college he got good at Polo and Fox Hunting, and I got good at beer drinking and sports watching.  Ok, so maybe all we really have in common is the name.

Anyway, watching he and Kate’s story last night made me think about his pursuit of his now future wife.  Having recently won a future-wife myself, I started to feel a little angry at Will.  I had to get extremely lucky even to get Brigid to know me, much less agree to go out with me…all he had to do was be a Prince.  Can you imagine how frustrating it must have been to hang out with him?  Every girl in the world already dreams of growing up to marry a prince, but he’s charming and good looking as well!  His friends must all be glad that he is finally getting married so they can have a little room.  Supposedly, he used a very simple line with the ladies, “Hi, I’m a Prince, wanna pull?”  I’m not sure about the exact translation from the British, but I think I get the drift.

On top of all that, he decided to get married this year – no doubt to overshadow the other front-runner for “Most Important Marriage of 2011”…ours.  So I’ve decided to challenge William to a marriage duel.  Staring now!  Let the competition begin.  Sure, I can’t compete with his castles, and jewels, and helicopters, and bloodline, but I bet my hair holds out a lot longer!