Cats #3, Cards #4 in New Poll

What does losing to Indiana do to your #1 ranking?

Voters in the AP poll dropped Kentucky two spots in this week’s college basketball poll, one spot in front of the undefeated Louisville Cardinals, who move up to 4th.

The Cats fell behind new #1 and undefeated Syracuse, but surprisingly also fell behind Ohio State, which also lost over the weekend, to Kansas.  North Carolina is 5th, followed by Baylor, Duke, Xavier, Connecticut and Missouri.

Looking ahead, the Cardinals could remain undefeated going into the Dec. 31 matchup with UK. The Cards host Memphis, which fell out of the Top 25 after losing to Murray State, yes, Murray State, over the weekend. The Races are off to an impressive start and claimed the 24th spot in the poll.

The Cards get three more Yum! Center opponents — College of Charleston, Western Kentucky and #16 Georgetown, before the New Year’s Eve trip to Rupp. If all goes well, U of L would be 13-0.  And don’t expect another UK loss, with Chattanooga, Samford, Loyola and Lamar in its sites before U of L.

I though the Cats looked nearly invincible before the Indiana game. They’ll still be favored on New Year’s Eve, but the momentum at this point favors U of L.