Cheese by day, Australia by night—or, Harvey’s heads to Clifton

(Suggested musical accompaniment to today’s post, courtesy of Manic Street Preachers)

The final day for Harvey’s Cheese at Logan Street Market is this Sunday, February 5, and then the cheesemonger is moving to a new location at 2011 Frankfort Ave. (formerly The Fuelery), where it will embrace a split personality as cheese purveyor by day and Australian-themed eatery by night.

A relevant excerpt from the text:

Come get your toastie fix during our FINAL WEEK at @loganstreetmarket. Our last day at the market will be Feb. 5th. It’s definitely bittersweet; we’re gonna miss our market friends & neighbors so much. Don’t fret, the new spot at 2011 Frankfort Ave will have a toastie, and SO MUCH MORE (full menu, full bar, full service). But if you wanna get a tried & true favorite, we recommend coming to see us this week. 

The Courier Journal’s Olivia Evans offers a detailed assessment of what’s to come for Harvey’s.

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