Chilled Out and Back to Work

Luke and I finished the Mayor's Bike Ride

It may have been the chilliest Hike & Bike we’ve had yet, but there were all kinds of folks riding to the West End yesterday. The C-J said it was a record 9,000, but it didn’t seem that crowded. In other words, I didn’t have to wait in line to get Jackie Green to check the air pressure in my tires. Also, a note to Mayor Fischer — it’s time to re-pave Southwestern Parkway.  And where the heck was Jerry Abramson — isn’t he running for Lt. Gov.?

Oh, Yeah, He Is: And like it or not, Jerry’s going to win. David Williams’ latest TV ad seems desperate and going after the old tactic, that may work with some voters, of associating Steve Beshear with Obama.

Bats Out: There was a special bonus downtown yesterday, one that should have been promoted a bit more — in that there was the Bats’ season finale at Slugger Field right after the Mayor’s thing. The Bats finished a mediocre 73-71, and that’s pretty good considering that the Reds seemed to call up anybody who got a couple hits in a row. Yesterday’s lineup was devoid of familiar faces, with the exception of outfielder Danny Dorn.  Average attendance was about 8,500 per game, second in the league to Lehigh Valley.

Bennett and Sarah: Congrats to happy couple in the city’s latest media marriage. WDRB ace reporter Bennett Heaberle tied the knot at the Mellwood Arts Center with station photographer Sarah Grote.

Day off: Not only did Bennett and Sarah have the weekend off, WDRB skipped its Fox in the Morning, 11:30 news and its early evening newcasts yesterday.

1 ViZN’s Big Names: What do ex-college athletes Kent Benson of Indiana, Rick Robey of Kentucky and Chris Thieneman of Louisville have in common? They’re partners in a new multi-level marketing business offering health and wellness products. 1 ViZN has opened a training center in Jeffersontown, and has an organizational meeting tonight at 7.

Potato Gun Story: Some people have too much time on their hands, especially on holidays, like the guy who misfired a potato gun in Buechel. It was interesting watching Brooke Katz try to explain how a potato gun works.

TV Rumor Alert: Changes coming to WAVE-TV could include expanding its 7 p.m. newcast to an hour and shelving the 725 Live show at 12:30.