Coffey vs. Dickey in the 2nd? Slice me off a piece of THAT

Told you so.

The Green Mouse reports that Dan Coffey—for decades a Democrat, then an independent, and now a Republican (somewhere a Falangist has lost his guardian angel)—today filed for the 2nd district council seat currently held by Disneycrat Adam Dickey, who had himself gloriously appointed to the position when Bob Caesar died, and also is the party chairman for county and district, and a Redevelopment Commission seatholder, and ambassador to the Wholly Sea, and to make a long story short, holds so many self-serving, small-pond levers of local power that he makes Don Corleone look like a streetcorner onanist.

For me, local politics is my only entertainment (I don’t watch tee-vee, folks), and so my single fondest ...Read more