Cosmic Driving Range Comes to Louisville


South Park Country Club, 915 S Park Rd, Fairdale, Kentucky 40118


When was the last time you swung a club and hit a car? Deliberately? How about at night? Or aimed for an array of 24foot tall inflatable targets? Well, if its been a while, now is your chance!

The Cosmic Driving Range™ is a mobile lighting system of glowing inflatables that transform a driving range into a Cosmic bowling alley of giant smart targets that respond when a player hits them with a golf ball. A representative from GlowGear, a Louisville based company that created this mega-night golf event said “Players experience glow balls streaking through the night. When a player hits a target, it flashes and makes noise while their friends cheer.”

The Cosmic Driving Range will also offer a series of fun Cosmic Glo-Games designed for the entire family like FlopShot Limbo, Tic Tac Toe, Cosmic Putting, and Glass Break. The company says that The Cosmic Driving Range appeals to everyone from the professional golfer to the complete novice with a fun, social and relaxed or friendly competitive evening.

For tickets got to the Cosmic Driving Range ticket page

In an interview with The Cosmic Driving Range, Rob Peterson, inventor of the almostGolf ball and Glowgear lighting explains what the Cosmic Driving Range is: “First we took everything that is awesome about golf and LIT IT UP! Then we turned it into an interactive game everyone wants to play! Like a giant mobile glowing pinball machine we designed it to be a glorious assault on your golfing senses.”