“Curry in a Hurry” at Togo India in Buechel

Back in September I somehow became aware of TOGO INDIA, or Togo India, or perhaps To Go India, and the reason it stuck inside my brain was the existence of Togo, a country in West Africa.

My mental note was “Africa India.” It’s a memorable sort of association.

Obviously “togo” does not refer to Africa, but implies an emphasis on carry-out (Indian-Nepalese). Duh. There are no internet references to TOGO INDIA prior to September, 2022, and so it’s to be treated as a recent opening. There may or may not have been a restaurant previously in this strip mall space, although there’s a history of global groceries thereabouts.

The address is 4109 Bardstown Road, Suite 103A. The web site is here, and Facebook here.

Our establishment where Indian and Nepali food prepared within the principal structure on a lot and predominantly taken out and busy people consumed elsewhere wherever its suitable for them.

Buechel lies far outside this New Albanian’s usual range. Got info? Let me know.

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