Cyndi Lauper Loses It, Launches F-Bomb on Live TV

Happy Oaks Day!

Not the best Grand Marshal – WDRB photo

Let’s just say the Committee selecting Grand Marshals for the Pegasus Parade laid an ‘F-Bomb’ by picking irrelevant one-hit wonder Cyndi Lauper. I heard a Republic Bank official yesterday on Joe Elliott’s radio show explaining the choice — apparently the theme this year is “fun” and somebody that it would be cool to get the woman who sand “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

But Cyndi Lauper, other than that song, hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with her career. I must say, though, I was a big fan of the video because it starred my musical hero, Steve Forbert. Nonetheless, Lauper’s first appearance on local TV didn’t turn out well. As WAVE cameras found her, she was walking toward a stage to sing, checking a mic, and said…”Of course it’s not on, fucking idiot.”

Later, there were apologies, but the damage done. And Lauper didn’t exactly warm up to the crowd, according to SB Nation (where you can see the f-bomb video). The WDRB story noted that she spent much of the parade playing with her cell phone.

So Lauper goes down as the Millard Filmore of Pegasus Grand Marshals, someone whose actions tarnished the honor. What’s wrong with this list — Muhammad Ali, Diane Lane, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Perry, Pat Day, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and….Cyndi Lauper?