Dairy Debate on the Senate Floor

As early as Monday, Kentucky's Senate could vote to officially allow our Commonwealth's farmers to sell cow shares. Senators Perry Clark, John Schickel, Robin Webb, and Mike Wilson, are sponsoring Senate Bill 47, which would ratify an individual's legal right to share ownership of livestock with a farmer. As an owner or co-owner, that cowsharing individual has rights to the creature's milk, eggs or meat. [caption id="attachment_9751" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Moo!"] [/caption] At present, this practice is not illegal. It is illegal in Kentucky for a farmer to sell raw or unpasteurized milk. But, if an individual owns or partially owns the animal that produces that milk, pasteurized or not, and pays the farmer for his/her services in keeping the creature, the farmer is technically not selling the milk, because the "cow sharer" already owns it. This practice frees the farmer from any liability concerning the animal products. SB 47 would put the legal pathways in place to validate this bovine-sharing arrangement. However, it would not allow for the retail sale of raw milk. SB 47 has a lot of support from the Community Farm Alliance (CFA), and in rural communities. According to the CFA, validating a farmer's right to enter into these types...Read more