Day Two… The traffic nightmare continues!

There is no easy way to fix it! Louisville authorities must realize by now that you can attempt to reroute traffic to help improve the flow, but it will only have minimal effects. There will be a variety of reports in the media today about the success of the traffic flow tweaking, but anyone caught in that traffic mess will tell you the whole thing stinks.

Here’s an example that did not work: Louisville authorities made the offramp at I-64 onto third Street strictly a right-hand turn. The plan must of been created to prevent traffic exiting I-64 westbound from going straight onto second Street in an attempt to keep traffic well west of the 2nd Street Bridge exit.  It must have looked good on paper .  At 7 AM this morning there was a small backup on the ramp as commuters adjusted to the right-hand turn. But by 8 AM the backup was contributing to even more of a nightmares on westbound I-64 and I-71 coming in from the East End of Louisville . Authorities started to open the ramp to traffic going straight on second Street in an attempt to alleviate that problem.

There will be no easy fix for commuters until the Sherman Minton Bridge is reopened. Kentucky and Indiana authorities need to cut through what ever redtape is out there,  get a fix on the problem and get the repairs done. Right now all commuters really want is a glimmer of hope that the problem is going to be repaired sooner than later. Some media reports indicate authorities won’t even know the extent of the repairs for three weeks. That’s ridiculous!

You mean to say there is no one in this country that can look at the problem, figure out the fix, and get the job done? If it’s a matter of money… Find it! If it’s a matter of manpower… Get it! The one thing authorities don’t have is time, because commuter patience are already wearing thin. Those who look back and say we should have built a bridge are missing the point. It’s too late for hindsight. We need clear thinking and a plan to get through what’s ahead.

The biggest concern is what happens if the Kennedy Bridge has a problem. with the stress it, and the second Street bridge are now being put under , those two bridges should be inspected weekly .

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor   7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.