Day 9: Meeting Some New Folks on Campus and a Bar; Frustrating Technology


I’ve learned to love Wednesdays — on most weeks that’s when I do my Rusty Satellite Show podcast.  Yesterday I met up with Sean Moth, the public address announcer at the University of Louisville, then drove over to the Buckhead’s on Bardstown Road to talk about beer with Tish Gainey. And I always learn something during our 12-minute interviews.

Moth, who’s from Colorado, gets to show up for work on a college campus in shorts and a t-shirt. That alone makes me jealous, but I’ve always been intrigued by announcers. For one game during my time at Tennessee, I got to announce a Vols basketball game. It was a blast. My only other experience with that was doing my son Josh’s football games when he was 12. I can see that Sean has a lot of fun with his duties, which extend way beyond football and basketball.

Then with Tish, I was introduced to this voluminous online app that goes into great detail about beer. I had no idea there was this much info available in one place. Regrettably, I wasn’t up to try one while I was there. But I really learned a lot about her, and beer.

Anyway, here’s the show, please give it a listen:


Today I’m gonna talk about technology. Ok so today my Internet went crazy and I couldn’t get on anything. This is why my entry from 10/23 is delayed since I couldn’t send it to my editor. (editor’s note: that’s a good one). I don’t think there are many things more frustrating than having technology problems that you can’t fix. I think its because we don’t really understand a lot of the technology around us so we don’t really understand why our technology isn’t working. Then when you don’t have something you always have it feels very frustrating. For me I have to now change everything I want to do to something else. So today instead of working on something with my friend and playing games, I watched some TV ( I literally never watch TV) and just did basically nothing important. Alright that’s my rant for the day.

Tish Gainey at Buckhead’s Mountain Grill
Sean Moth at U of L