Day 11: Political Chicken and Friday Night Fire


So I’m gonna use today to mainly talk about a discussion we had throughout the school day with my friends. So one of my friends got a job at Chick-Fil-a which sparked a discussion of whether or not it’s wrong to eat somewhere where you don’t agree with the beliefs of the owner/company. My friend Nico (who never goes to Chick-Fil-a because of the owner’s beliefs) argues that he doesn’t want to support the owner’s beliefs. However most of us, including me, said that their product is very good and what the owner thinks doesn’t matter to us. I specifically felt that when I spend my money there I’m helping the workers way more than the owner.


The fire pit at Paula's
The fire pit at Paula’s

With a full weekend of activities scheduled, Paula and I stayed in and sat around a fire pit. The predecessors at her place built a circular stone wall around a locust tree in her backyard. Against my recommendation, among Paula’s first acts as a homeowner here was to have the tree cut down.  It had grown to surpass the height of the two-story structure and provided needed shade at her bedroom window.  It left a 2-foot wide and 2-foot diameter stump inside the pit wall.

It was a good call. The pit that remained is perfect for fires. It goes down about 5 feet below ground level, and we figured out you could throw all kinds of debris in there and it would burn. The first time we did it, the fire we built didn’t go out for two days. Last night’s was a more modest version, yet ideal for the conditions on a cool clear evening. It was still smoldering in the morning.