Day 16: Observations from the Upper Deck, Thoughts on Sleep


Today I had to wake up at 5:30 instead of my usual 7 to retake a physics test. Now I bet you expect me to say it was awful, the worst thing ever.  Actually it was just as bad as waking up at 7. This goes into my ideas of sleep in general. My normal type of sleep schedule is stay up late, wake up late (similar to my Mom and brothers but opposite to Dad), though I’m different in that I wish I could wake up early even when I stay up late. This is because I like using all the time I have to its best use.  Sleeping to me doesn’t seem to be a good use of time compared with waking up and doing stuff. While I wish I could do that my body doesn’t really agree.  I sleep like a rock when I actually fall asleep but when I wake up I’m usually pretty awake. Sorry if that was confusing but just my general opinion that’s wrong because sleep is super important blah blah blah.


Points taken from my seat in the UPS Flight Deck on a glorious Thursday night. Florida State’s player’s are faster and more talented that Louisville’s. Jameis Winston is the best player to step foot in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium this year. Florida State fans travel well. I talked to a few who, despite a 21-point deficit in the first half, expressed no doubt that their team would escape with a victory. Had the game gone on another quarter, Florida State would have won by a lot more than 42-31.

The Cards should have scored here on their first possession
The Cards should have scored here on their first possession

It’s never been more crowded in Section 6 than it was Thursday. And since we were expecting colder weather, we had all this gear with us. I wish they had made the rows a little wider, or that my seat wasn’t exactly at the mid-point between aisles. I talked to a Florida State fan who was exultant that he could go to a college football game and order an adult beverage.  But, the concession company really screwed up. Its credit card processing system went down at the worst possible time, forcing fans to come up with cash.

It may have been the best tailgating atmosphere I’ve ever seen. Our group had a scrumptious shrimp boil with crab legs, an homage to Winston’s troubles. We got to our seats right at kickoff.

Louisville played well, but not well enough to beat the best team in the country. Coach Bobby Petrino’s offensive genius reputation is waning. But this team is still good enough to beat Kentucky next month.