Day 17: Boo Tales – Then and Now

LUKE: Halloween woo, but not really. Weirdly no one is doing anything for Halloween so it’s mainly just gonna be a usual Friday. Though in school a couple of classes did Halloween-related things like watch the history of Halloween. That was mildly interesting.

Unfortunately I had to walk home today and man was it raining hard and windy. My Dad came and got me from Mom’s and we went to an antique store to find a corner cabinet. Those types of stores have some of the craziest stuff, most of it I think comes from some Grandma’s and some of it I think they just find in the trash. Rest of the day was filled with gaming and watching Lone Survivor.  I highly recommend reading the book.

RICK: When I think of Halloween, I remember it as a kid. Years of running from house to porch-lighted house in a pirate costume, taking a full bag of candy home, dumping it on the living room floor, then running back out to fill it up again. The idea of a parent going with me was as absurd as  thinking a neighbor might have poisoned a candy bar. Here’s what I didn’t worry about: danger, poison, cold, rain, creepy adults, getting in trouble.

With Paula on Halloween, in the shirt I've worn every year for at least a couple of decades
With Paula on Halloween, in the shirt I’ve worn every year for at least a couple of decades

As a parent, there are great memories of walking with the kids through a neighborhood with dozens of other parents, costumed kids everywhere, knocking on the doors of strangers requesting treats. Parents stayed at the curb. The fun part was getting home and seeing what you got.

Last night at Paula’s, we had only a handful of trick or treaters, most all in the under-5 age group accompanied all the way to the door by their parents. I’m not complaining that things have changed. The world is different. Parents don’t trust kids to talk to strangers, and safety is a serious concern. You wouldn’t allow an 8-year-old to go blocks away without supervision to knock on doors where you don’t know what’s behind it.

But that’s the way it used to be, and it was fun.