Day 6: A Working Sunday at the Golf Course and an Airbnb Guest

Our journal project continues:


Today was an average Sunday of video games, homework and work. Homework was pretty boring since it was a lot of just brainless notes and packets. Work was also fairly uninteresting since when I got there at 5 most of the hard work was done. Today was one of those days at work where you’re just waiting for like five carts for an hour which gets really old.

Then I get home and basically did more homework yaaaaaaaay. I know this is a very teenager view but personally I think homework is the most dumb thing ever. It’s like well we take seven hours of your day just to teach you stuff that 70 percent of it you won’t use in life. Teachers are like “well we don’t take enough of your time so let’s take some more of your time and make you do very mindless work that most people just look up on the Internet.”  Whew alright enough ranting peace



I’ve suggested that Luke try to get a more positive outlook in his journal, especially given that he’s got this great job working at a golf course. Let’s see if his outlook improves.

On this gorgeous Sunday, I wanted to play golf, or ride my bike, but instead spent most of the day getting my house ready for my first Airbnb guest.

When I bought a house about a mile from Paula’s, and realized that the Airbnb site (which matches people looking for cool places to stay with people willing to rent their homes for short periods) might work for me, I signed up. And….nothing happened for a few months. But now I’ve got a guest in town for 2 weeks, so I’m staying with Paula. We did some cleaning, bought some new stuff, and took what I needed for two weeks to her place.

It was amazing the things Paula thought of that I didn’t. Like cleaning the windows. Or buying new glassware and plates to replace the hand-me-down, disorganized and unattractive items in my cabinet. It’s hard to admit, but getting the place ready was fun, because we worked on it together. My guest arrived right on time and seemed happy with the place. Paula and I enjoyed a nice dinner at her place.

And now reality — I’m staying with her for two weeks. She says she’s looking forward to it, and I’m hopeful it will make our relationship even better. If so, we might even do it again. If you’ve got friends coming to town, consider putting them up at my place.