DCFF ’12: ‘On Our Radar’ Festival Preview Part 2

The 4th annual Derby City Film Festival is now just days away and with 56 films to choose from it’s only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. Whether it be feature-lengths or shorts, from across the globe or our own backyards, genre films or indie-dramas, DCFF ’12 has the cinematic hook-up to please the palettes of just about every film-goer out there. And hopefully, to convert more than a couple open-minded un-initiates as well.

With that same spirit of exploration LouisvilleKY.com is pleased to present a series of extended previews highlighting a handful of films that are ‘on our radar’.

Today’s edition details a handful of other standouts, including international entries and documentaries:

‘Znikniecie’ (The Vanishing)

A vacation goes tragically wrong when the wife and son of Michal Kunicki (played by Michal Cholka) go missing. A subsequent search yields no results but an obsessed and grief-stricken Kunicki begins to sees clues and hidden messages as to his family’s disappearance at every turn. His life crumbling around him, Kunicki’s own perception (and the audience’s by extension) come into question. Based on the novel ‘Scorpion’, this Polish language film is competing for two awards, including Michal Cholka for Best Actor and Katarzyna Zawiglak-Dolny for Best Actress. ‘Znikniecie’ screens Saturday (Feb 18) at 8:00pm in the Community Theater and is paired with the film ‘Normal People’.


‘Bailout’ star and brain-trust John Titus (yes, a documentary can have a star) has the most succinct description of the film’s plot: an unemployed Chicago lawyer stops paying his mortgage and enlists four friends to join him on a trip in a Winnebago to Las Vegas, where he plans to tear a page out of Wall Street’s book and piss away other people’s money gambling. But lost in this description is the hybrid narrative/documentary’s ultimate intent and triumph, which is a damning exploration of the debilitating and lasting effects of the mortgage crisis on everyday Americans in Chicago, Louisville, Las Vegas and parts in between. Directed by Sean Fahey, ‘Bailout’ is a finalist for Best Documentary and rolls into the Derby City this Saturday (Feb 18) at 3:30pm in the Community Theater.

‘Holding the Line’

The group of men defending the Libyan city of Misrata in the Spring of 2011 were not soldiers, but students, English teachers, journalists, construction workers, even video-gamers and many more still. Director Patrick Wells presents a harrowing portrait of the “martyr brigade”, as they lived, laughed, cried, died and discovered an undeniably human sense of community amidst the unrelenting terror of war. A contender for Best Documentary Film and screening as part of Short Docs B on Saturday (Feb 18) at 1:00pm, ‘Holding the Line’ portrays the frontline reality and day-to-day toil of the “Arab Spring”.

‘Employee of the Month’

Stephanie has the all-too-often thankless job of finding others new employment in our unapologetically unemployable times. And it most certainly doesn’t help that her clients include zombies, witches, demons and ghouls. Described as, “clever, gory and funny as f@ck,” this short film hammers home that even the undead have to eat. Hailing from Switzerland, ‘Employee of the Month’ screens as part of Shorts Group D on Sunday (Feb 19) at 1:00pm in the Eifler Theater and is in the running for Best International Short Film.


Full schedule and ticketing information available via DCFF’website.

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