Deep thoughts on the Royal Wedding… again.

Back in January, I declared I was going to try to get really into the Royal Wedding. I’ve not been very good about this, mostly because I don’t read magazines or gossip blogs. Thus, when a special about William and Kate appeared on TV earlier this week, I forced myself to watch it.

You may be laughing, but it really took a lot of effort to maintain my interest. You see, I used to produce cable documentaries for a living, so I have a lot of trouble sitting through them now. My thoughts aren’t of the Royal drama, but of licensing questions: are you trying to fair use that footage? Did we pay for the rights to that photographs? Is that libel? as opposed to normal reactions such as: omg, where did Kate get that hat? Can you believe William dumped her for Isabella? Does she really not have a job?

I started thinking that, as we are planning a wedding, maybe this whole Associate Producer thing is affecting our wedding budget. Basically, my job back at CBS News Productions, in addition to doing cool stuff like research, writing, and interviewing, was to make sure we don’t go over budget. I was constantly saying, “No, we can’t do that,” to the producers. “No, we can’t shoot this on film. No, we can’t afford to use a clip from Annie Hall. No, you can’t fly to Tokyo for one interview.”

Now I’m saying, “No, we can’t have a chocolate fountain. No, we can’t invite everyone we know. No, we can’t buy $1100 cowboy boots for the ceremony.” Okay, so I haven’t vetoed that last part, but I’m afraid the producer within me would instinctively say so.

So not only am I envious of Kate’s future as a Queen, but I’m envious of her $10 million budget and access to Princess Di’s jewel collection. Any jewelry companies out there want to loan me some sparklies for the big day? I’ll defy all journalistic ethics and blog about you night and day if you loan me a diamond tiara.

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