Denny’s Wall of Fame

The new Denny Crum Hometown Hero mural is up downtown on Main Street, featuring Crum coaching during his 500th coaching victory, on his way to a Hall of Fame total of 675.  That’s then-assistant coach Scott Davenport behind the rolled-up program on his left.

So who do you think should be next up?The name I hear most often, and who may be most deserving, is Hunter S. Thompson. Maybe I just think that one would be cool

Here’s a list of the posters around town brought to you by the Greater Louisville Pride Foundation.

—    Muhammad Ali (Installed April 2002) – LG&E Building at Second Street & River Road, facing the Ohio River.

—    Pee Wee Reese (Installed February 2003) – Fetzer Building at 209 East Main Street, headed west from Slugger Field toward the H&B Factory and Museum.

—    Mary T. Meagher (Installed June 2003) – Norton Suburban Hospital Building in St. Matthews, viewable from I-64 East.

—    Ed Hamilton (Installed September 2003) – Glassworks Building at Ninth & Market Streets, facing Ninth Street.

—    Bob Edwards (Installed January 2004) – 624 Baxter Avenue, seen headed north.

—    Pat Day (Installed April 2004) – Second & Broadway viewable from I-65 North/South.

—    Colonel Harlan Sanders (Installed April 2004) – BP Apartment Building at Third & Guthrie Streets, viewable from I-65.

—    Judge Louis Brandeis (Installed May 2004) – Chase Bank Building, best seen headed east on Liberty Street between Fifth and Fourth.

—    Kentucky’s Derby (Installed May 2005) – US Bank Building at Fifth & Market.

—    Diane Sawyer (Installed September 2005) – Starks Building on Muhammad Ali between Third and Fourth Streets, viewable from I-65 North/South.

—    Bud Hillerich (Installed July 2006) – Heyburn Building at Fourth & Broadway, seen headed west on Broadway.

—    Darrell Griffith (Installed September 2006) – Watterson City Building, along I-264 East at Newburg Road.

—    Paul Hornung (Installed October 2006) – Watterson City Building, along I-264 West at Newburg Road.

—    Tori Murden (Installed May 2007) – Kentucky exposition Center, facing I-65 South just past the Crittenden Drive exit.

—    Patrick Henry Hughes (Installed February 2008) – OK Storage Building, East Broadway at Barrett.

—    Kleinert & Kutz (Installed May 2009) – Jewish Hospital Heart and Lung Building.

—    Phil Simms (Installed August 2009) – Southern High School east wall at Preston Highway.

—    Wendy Whelan (Installed March 2010) – J. Graham Brown School, corner of First & Muhammad Ali.

—    George Garvin Brown (Installed September 2011) – 122 West Main Street.

—    Denny Crum (Installed February 2012) – Courtyard Marriott across from the KFC YUM! Center.