Dig It

Can you `literally’ dig it?


I mean with spade, trowel or brush in hand.

I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of retired or soon to be retired people about what they are doing now that they are retired or what they think they will be doing after they retire.

The responses are all over the place; from doing nothing to finally completing that educational degree. Most people say they want to get fit, spend more time with family or travel. But after they finally retire, many tell me they are dissatisfied. They have found themselves without a challenge, with a diminishing social structure and very little fulfillment.


Here’s a suggestion ­ DIG! I mean that. One of my special interests is archeology. I really love it. I enjoy learning about past cultures, civilizations, how they lived, their impact on us and the list goes on and on. I have had the opportunity to travel to Australia, Bangkok, Italy, Turkey, Greece, numerous Greek islands, France, England and Central America. Having visited these places, viewed their relics and tried to understand their culture I wanted to experience even more. I have not done one of the most important aspects of archeology and that is to participate in a ‘Dig’.  You might say that’s on my “bucket list.”


Although the majority of these digs are done by college students an increasing number allow seniors to contribute and work the dig. I won’t lie to you; it does require sweat labor and a commitment of time. And sometimes you have to pony

up some money for that opportunity. But, think of the challenge, the results, the opportunity to contribute to others for the future, and to learn something new.


I have recently been in conversation with Richard Cook, who has been on multiple digs and is in the process of writing a book about his experiences. Incidentally he was 66 when he volunteered for his first dig and for the last 6 seasons he has

been excavating as a member of a professional team in Egypt.


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