Doctoral Student Exchange Program Gets Extension at Yale

It looks like there may be a lot more Yale class rings to be purchased thanks to an extension of the doctoral student exchange program between Yale and the University College London (UCL). The program between the UCL’s Doctoral School and the Yale Graduate School of Arts, which began in 2009, has just been extended.

The Exchange Program Works to Advance a Number of Things

As representatives from Yale and UCL have explained, the exchange program is meant to increase and expand the collaboration of creativity, provide a more efficient use of resources, help to secure joint funding, and enrich the students’ experiences at both institutions. When the program was first started it focused on cardiovascular medicine, but since that time it has really expanded so that a number of major areas of discipline are now included.

The way the program works is that students from Yale Ph.D. can do part of their doctorate at UCL, conducting research there under the supervision of a UCL advisor. It also works in reverse for UCL students. It’s a great way of expanding a student’s experiences, knowledge, and skills. What makes the program so special is that it opens the door as far as the facilities available to students. The universities have said there is an unlimited potential in how the two institutions can work together.

Because each school has its own equipment, tools, and research, it can even broaden the efficiency and results of the research itself.

A Prestigious School

Yale is, of course, one of the most prestigious schools in the United States. It was founded in 1701 and is located in New Haven, CT. Even though it is located here in the United States, it works with institutions and people all around the world, as is clear with this student exchange program.

In 2017, Yale has 6,859 graduate and professional students, as well as 5,453 undergraduate students. Known as a research university, it features programs in art, law, management, nursing, music, public health, physician associate, and so much more.

Besides its impressive track record in research and learning, Yale also attracts students thanks to its sense of community. While it is a large university, students comment that it still feels small and supportive. Yale does an excellent job of connecting with the community around it, giving it a really special and welcoming feeling. Rather than create a culture of competition, Yale strives to create a culture of collaboration where everyone is working with each other.

For students who want to take an active role in the community, politics, and social issues affecting not just their community but the country and the world at large, there are more than 300 registered student groups to check out.

The Doors are Open to Possibility

By continuing this exchange program, Yale and UCL have effectively opened the doors to endless possibilities by giving their students twice the opportunity, twice the tools, and two times the experience at their fingertips.