Does Hollywood have any sense of what America wants to see at the Movies?

Some of you may remember my brother Corey who’s an Attorney in the Bronx. Corey should have been a Movie Critic. He loves watching and reviewing movies. I used to get a thrill having him on my morning show on 84 WHAS in the early 2000’s. Well Corey is still reviewing movies. In preparation for the upcoming Academy Awards,( and the hoopla surrounding a movie that has already exceeded the Peter Principle), Corey has outdone himself with this review of “THE ARTIST”. Take it away Corey!

Years ago I wrote a story about the day I almost drowned in the Atlantic Ocean.  While watching this film, I actually wish I had. It is a lifeless, pointless, snore of a silent movie which had it been the first silent movie ever made, would probably have been the last silent movie ever made.     This French production, stars Jean Dujardin, a French actor, ( am I alone here in hating the french?), who is a pleasant enough looking fellow who spends the film “mugging” for the camera in much the way all silent film era actors “mugged” for the camera to convey their emotions.  It was horrible acting back then and it is horrible acting now.

Bérénice Bejo

The biggest joke of all is the casting of Berenice Bejo as the beautiful, glamorous, and  gorgeous silent film star.  She is neither beautiful, glamorous or gorgeous.  This is yet another case of the Emperor has no clothes.  Does she look like the silent film stars of that era?  Who cares, she could not give me a chubby if my life depended on it.

The story details the dying days of the silent film era.  Not enough dying here, and way too many days.   It’s “biggest” star, (played by Dujardin), is put out to pasture to make way for the actors who can actually talk well on film.  I don’t care.  The road to ruin for Dujardin’s character  goes on for miles and miles and one can only wish a road now closed sign had been posted.

John Goodman also stars in this film as the head of a Hollywood Studio.  I think we can all agree that any film starring John Goodman should immediately be disqualified from any consideration for any award.He, like Dan Aykroid sucks the life out of any film he is in.

This film cost $15 million to make and grossed $20 at the box office  Whoppie, what a success.   If this film which is the current favorite to win the Oscar as Best Picture should actually win, then it will easily become the worst film to win best picture in the history of the Academy Awards.  Yes, even worse than Chariots of Fire.   I give it  0 stars and that is being generous.   I thank my wife for having the sense to remove all sharp objects from my reach during the screening of this film.

Thank You Brother Corey! You never have to wonder what side of the street my brother is standing on!


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