Does Your Business Need A Conveyor Belt System?

Did you know that conveyor belt systems are so versatile they’re used in all kinds of industries, not just manufacturing?

Conveyor belts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be used to solve all kinds of problems that your business might be facing. They’re found all over the world and can be used to transport items, both large and small, bulky, tiny, delicate and heavy.

What’s more, the right conveyor belt system for your business can really improve your processes and speed up manufacturing times to ensure your profits soar.

How A Conveyor Belt Can Help

Conveyor belts are a marvel of modern engineering, especially as many of them can be customized to fit exactly what your business requirements are.

For example, you may be a biscuit factory that needs a number of different types of conveyor belts, from a gentle rubber conveyor belt to move individual biscuits along to the next part of the factory to a more heavy-duty chain belt to shift large boxes ready for distribution.

Industries That Need Conveyor Belts

There are all kinds of industries that can make use of a conveyor belt system. Here are three industries and how they can use a conveyor belt to give you some idea of how a conveyor belt system may be able to help your business improve.


There is possibly no bigger industry than the pharmaceutical industry and no industry that has tighter regulations either.

Conveyor belts in the pharmaceutical industry need to be strong and reliable and able to deal with the sometimes harsh conditions of the factory. Due to the nature of the product, belts will need to be sterilized and may need to continue working in colder conditions.

Precision is absolutely key for the pharmaceutical industry, but the belts need to be easy to look after and highly reliable.


Mining is a difficult industry, lots of heavy equipment is needed, and moving bulky materials around is part of the job.

The mining industry has used conveyor belts of many forms since the very early days of mining, and, thankfully, these days, the belts they use have been improved for both reliability and safety.


Airports are an interesting case study for conveyor belts, as they’re one of the few industries that not only transport goods but also people!

From the baggage check-in desk right through to the plane loading, conveyor belts are used all over the airport, including the moving sidewalks that help to transport passengers from one terminal to another.

One of the most amazing uses for conveyor belts in an airport is actually behind the scenes with baggage. Anyone who has ever seen Toy Story 2 will remember the incredible airport baggage scene where Buzz is trying to rescue Woody, Bullseye, and Jesse from their trip to the toy museum, the depiction of the multi conveyor belt system to move baggage around is not an over-exaggeration, and the complexity in some big airport requires some serious computing power to keep it going!