Doing the Right Thing Friday

Finally Friday. It’s been a great week, and an exciting weekend ahead. Here’s a few things you might have missed. First, check out Billy Reed’s piece on Artis Gilmore, who was inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame Wednesday night. My favorite inductee was UK’s baller Rex Chapman, who was throwing behind-the-back passes and pulling up for three’s while I was watching from press row back in the ’80s.  He and Darrell Griffith will always be my two favorite college players of all time.

I also had a soft spot for Ed Kallay, an institution in media as I was growing up. I had the pleasure of working with his son Mike, the founder of Business First, more than 20 years ago. Mike made sure I got a few freelance assignments when I moved home.

On to What’s Happening Now:

Yarmuth’s Got Game: And both the golf and D.C. press corps seem to know it — this from a story in Golf Magazine.

John Yarmuth, a Democratic congressman from Kentucky and a low-handicap liberal who has passed along golf tips on The Colbert Report, springs to his feet, grips an imaginary club and hunches over in a scrunched-up stance, wrists cocked far forward. “Frankly, I don’t know how he hits it at all,” says Yarmuth…”

The story is about a June 18 golf date between the President and John Boehner, and Yarmuth is talking about the GOP Congressman’s swing.
NAACP is Right: The organization’s president, Raoul Cunningham, says neither Dr. Christine Johns-Haines or Dr. Donna Hargens, has experience dealing with the types of issues we have here in Louisville. He didn’t like Hargens’ refusal to discuss student assignment plans, or Johns-Haines reputation for being aloof.  So he wants the search reopened. Considering how poorly both performed on their dog-and-pony show this week, I think that’s a good idea.  The Board sits down to discuss the visits on June 14.
Huge Gap: It doesn’t look like this year’s Governor’s Race is going too well for David Williams and Richie Farmer. Yesterday’s CN/2 poll:
Image: CN/2
Green Day: The Metro Ethics Commission should come up with a way to punish Judy Green for ethics violations after deliberations today. The Metro Councilwoman, accused of all sorts of tawdry lapses in judgment involving taxpayer dollars, could get off with a slap on the wrist, or she could lose her seat. I’m pulling for the latter.
It’s Just Not Right: At the Louisville Forum yesterday, council members Jim King, Jerry Miller and Ken Fleming called for changes — mainly reductions — in the money council members have to spend on stuff like banquet tickets, gifts for constituents and, well, handouts.  Miller pointed out that peer cities don’t even have the funds, so they don’t have the Judy Green-type ethics scandals we do.  King said Kelly Downard said members should buy their own tickets to events.
Wednesday’s Award: Congrats to WLKY-TV. This week it was one of three stations in the U.S. to get a Service to Children Award from the National Association of Broadcasters. It was given for the station’s Wednesday’s Child series, which dates back to 1980.
Stuff to Do This Weekend: You can still get $75 Mix and Mingle tickets to the Zoo’s big annual fund-raiser — Zoofari, for Saturday night.  You should also check out the Flyover Film Festival.