Doll’s Market Closing


Here’s the official word from John Doll, via Facebook:

Doll’s Market announces it will be closing and going out of business in the very near future. A firm closing date has not been set. Doll’s Market and its predecessors have operated the grocery store at 3620 Brownsboro Rd. since 1960.

The closing was most directly the result of a significant downturn in sales t…he last few weeks. Doll’s sales would typically suffer the 3 months before Derby and then rebound beginning Derby week. That did not happen this year.

An unsuccessful $1.35 million expansion in 2001 resulted in only a temporary boost in sales but a permanent escalation of rent, debt service, utility, inventory, and other expenses. Current management worked its way out of a huge financial hole from 2005 to 2008. However, in the latter part of 2008, 3 external factors started to work against Doll’s. First, the ongoing recession that began in 2008 resulted in shoppers spending less and looking for lower priced options like Costco and Kroger. Second, competition in Doll’s Market’s area greatly increased with the openings of Costco (a major impact even though 8 miles away), Fresh Market, and a new “super” Target, and the remodeling/expansion of all 3 Kroger stores within 2 miles or so of Doll’s. Third, the delay and ultimate failure of the proposed redevelopment of the neighboring Bauer’s/Azalea building (now vacant for 4 years) quashed hopes for revitalized customer traffic. With Trader Joe’s to open sometime soon in Shelbyville Road Plaza, Doll’s cannot realistically expect market conditions to improve.

Doll’s Market thanks it many loyal customers and employees, past and present. All of us at Doll’s appreciate the kind words we have heard from many customers.

Doll’s Market will be winding down its affairs in an orderly, legal manner.

Doll’s Market
By: John Doll, President

Doll’s, a neighborhood institution on Brownsboro Road in business since 1960, is closing.

Owner John Doll confirmed that the business is in the process of closing and clearing out merchandise today. He said it was just “the economy” to blame, and that a news release on the closing is forthcoming.

The gourmet grocer advertised on its Facebook page that it is selling items at 30 percent off today and tomorrow.

It’s located just next to the former Azalea’s restaurant, which has been vacant for several years. The business may have also been hurt by the presence of Costco on Highway 22 past the Summit, which offers gourmet selections, as well as the opening of Fresh Market on Brownsboro near the Watterson expressway.