DownTown Louisville to ban cars

louisville no cars

Louisville Mayor plans to make downtown a “No-Traffic Zone” *

louisville no cars
Louisville KY to ban cars

After months of road closures and diversions coupled with the gradual introduction of no park zones, Mayor Fisher’s plans to prevent cars from being in the downtown area of Louisville is finally becoming a reality.*

According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous “The road closures  are a well thought out plan to test the patience of Louisville car drivers.” With only a handful of “road rage” incidents reported the Mayor then appears to have proceeded to give MSD, LG&E and others the green light to add to the road closures – ensuring that half of the downtown Louisville roads are either closed or down to a single lane.*

Louisville No Traffic Zone
Corner of 5th and Market Street

On the corner of 5th Street and Market Street the road has been dug up and re-paved on no less than 20 times since January 2015. According to the Guinness Book of Records the record is 22 times in one year.  We contacted the Mayors office to see if he was looking to break that record. Our calls went unanswered.*

However it appears that breaking the record is simply a bonus – a side effect of having to spend the Property Tax hikes that were put into effect to pay for “The Downtown Louisville Car Ban”. An insider at Louisville City Council confirms that there is too much money allocated for this car ban project and digging up and repaving the same stretch of road was actually simply a way to get rid of that surplus.*

*Please note that this article is written on the understanding that a reasonable reader would not mistake the statements as describing actual facts. To the best of our knowledge none of the above have actually happened

That said – It was reported yesterday that the new bridge connecting downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville will also only be open to foot traffic early next month. According to a news release  Gov. Steve Beshear will preside over a ribbon cutting on Dec. 5. and that the public may only walk across the bridge following the ceremony.

I for one however am tired of the traffic, diversions, road blocks and the never ending “no parking” signs that have taken over our city. Happy to hear what you think. Please feel free to comment.