Dracula Will Scare You Every Time at Actors Theatre

Dylan Chafly at Dracula. Actors Theatre of Louisville 2015.

You never forget your first time.

For those who go every year to Actors’ Theatre’s production of Dracula (playing through Nov. 1), it’s surely an opportunity to look for changes and improvements to the riveting production, to compare the casting from one year to the next.

Marc Bovino as Renfield. Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2015
Marc Bovino as Renfield. Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2015

But for those who go for the first time, who don’t know the real story behind the blood and the undead and the lunatic and the screaming women and children, it’s a frightening tale spun in a cozy theatre with great special effects that keep you jumping in your seat. And there’s a live rat, too.

It’s impossible to forget the character Renfield, played to show-stealing perfection by Marc Bovino in his eighth season in the role. Bovino’s Renfield plays crazy to the Count’s fear-inspiring, blood-sucking, charming villain (played by Dylan Chafly).

Chafly’s Dracula is an unusual Count- flowing blond hair, for instance, but frightening nonetheless.

Here’s how Actors Theatre officially describes it:

His fangs are bared. His eyes glow crimson. Louisville’s favorite vampire is back! Based on Bram Stoker’s gothic tale of the immortal Transylvanian count and his unexpectedly feisty human prey, this fast-paced, fright-filled adaptation is a Halloween treat that drips with suspense—and even more blood.

“Dracula” continues through Nov. 1. Tickets start at $45 and available at the box office or online.