Ear X-tacy Film Premiere in Louisville on Saturday.

Today is your last chance to get tickets to the film premiere of Brick and Mortar and Love, a documentary about indie-record stores and indie-music and many other things indie. The film will be making the rounds in national film festivals, but you can see it in Louisville on Saturday, April 7, at 7:00 p.m. (doors at 6:30) at the Louisville Science Center (727 W. Main St).

Following the last year of earX-tacy record store and the ever-changing music industry, the documentary includes appearances and/or music by folks like My Morning Jacket, Nappy Roots, The Watson Twins, Cabin, and, in full disclosure, by me, Brigid Kaelin.

I’ve got an advance screener copy with me in Scotland (did I mention I live in Scotland?), but I can’t get it to play on my European DVD drive. Ergo, I can’t give you a full-on review, which is sort of okay with me, as I hate seeing myself on film. I do remember giving all sorts of opinions about music, the biz, record stores, and such, so maybe you can go see it to tell me if I made any sense. Director Scott Shuffitt is a pro and a smart guy, and what clips I have seen of the film have been riveting.

For fun, and because Louisville is so awesome, there will be Q&A afterward with director Scott Shuffitt and ear X-tacy owner, John Timmons.
Tickets will not be available at the door, so you have to buy them at Please and Thank you, 800 E. Market St (I hear you have to buy those today, Friday) or at Ticketweb.com. It’s $5, which is way cheaper than any other night out at the movies. If you can’t make it to the premier, consider buying an I-Heart-Local t-shirt … or, at the very least, try spending an entire week shopping only at local establishments. Keep Louisville Weird, right?

Now that I’ve spent the last hour thinking about this film, I’ve got to find someone with an American laptop DVD drive over here. Time for me to watch it … or maybe it’ll be at Cannes, and I can see it there.