Edibles & Potables: “Dynamic pricing” is likely here to stay

<div>Edibles & Potables: “Dynamic pricing” is likely here to stay</div>

The Spring 2024 issue of Food & Dining Magazine is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online.

Yes, the recent Wendy’s pricing kerfuffle (“we said surge, we meant dynamic — wait, it’s all a misunderstanding”) was thoroughly entertaining.

Speaking only for myself, I avoid fast food out of general principle (maybe White Castle once a year as an exercise in nostalgia), and it’s been probably 10 years since I ate at a Wendy’s, and twice as long for McDonald’s. A few years back on a road trip, I was compelled to make an exception and “dine” at Culver’s, which galled me tremendously.

As that fellow Poe once wrote: Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

Consequently, for almost five minutes I reveled in the public embarrassment that Wendy’s brought on itself, until it became obvious that the big wig’s faux pas was a de facto stalking horse in chainland. He apparently drew the short straw and mumbled vague truth in public, and now the rest of them have a better idea of how to inject Dynamic Surge Capitalism into their factory-farmed menus.

They can be my guest, but perhaps background is merited. After all, I’d prefer...Read more