Edibles & Potables Encore: The Ulster Fry … and Northern Irish cuisine

<div>Edibles & Potables Encore: The Ulster Fry … and Northern Irish cuisine</div>

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Originally published on March 19, 2023.

St. Patrick’s Day in America is a time for partying—good, bad or indifferent. So be it, but for me, being somewhat serious-minded whether I like it or not, the annual Irish holiday provides an opportunity to learn more about Ireland and its people.

As an aside, I’ve never really believed in a “right” to be entertained. But I accept a personal responsibility for being informed, which implies a level of participation and engagement. I appreciate humor, but when everything’s played for laughs, nothing is funny any longer.

Consequently, I resisted the urge to dye my laptop green, although naturally there has been audio accompaniment to my studies: Lankum, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, 70s-era Dubliners and a wee bit of Thin Lizzy. I may or may not be ready to admit liking Inhaler’s new release (Bono’s son is the singer).

As such, my coursework began at the beginning of March. First came Fintan O’Toole’s excellent memoir “We Don’t Know Ourselves,” then a video documentary about the fabulously corrupt Fianna Fáil politician...Read more