Edibles & Potables: “Fear And Loathing Among The Union Busters,” at The Lever

The Heine Brothers Coffee Union had an announcement yesterday at Twitter.

The text: “We’ve got some big news! Just *11* months after taking our organizing public – we have reached an agreement and are ready to ratify our first contract! Here’s some of the MAJOR improvements we’re thrilled to announce 1/5 #UnionsForAll.”

Four subsequent tweets specified sick days, scheduling, and economic security as among the items in the emerging contract.

Last April F&D took a passing glance at unionization in the food and drink sector.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee employees announce a plan to unionize

You’ll undoubtedly recall Newton’s Third Law, stating that “for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The Lever recently reported on the reaction to unionization, beginning with the...Read more