Edibles & Potables: My obligatory annual Francesinha tout, and other world sandwiches

The particular example of a Francesinha sandwich chosen as today’s “Edibles & Potables” featured photo was the most humble of many that I consumed in Porto, Portugal during a visit in 2018, but no less delicious for its simplicity.

Can someone in metro Louisville locally please make a house specialty out of this?

Porto’s francesinha sandwich is a gut buster, by Kevin Gould (The Guardian)

Anyone aiming to polish off even half of one of these needs to be pretty forceful, for this little Frenchie is a tower of power. A doorstep sandwich layered with pork, then smoked sausage, then bacon, and topped off with a medium-rare beefsteak, it is finished with a fried egg and covered in a thick coat of cheesy sauce. It is heated through and then drenched in a murky dark sauce. A mountain of french fries is served on the side. Health food it’s not.

On the topic of sandwiches, earlier this the week, I told you that hot dogs and burgers are examples of such.

They’re all sandwiches, but only some possess the characteristics to render them into burgers or hot dogs.

Gastro Obscura is here to argue against this position.

Do burgers...Read more