Edibles & Potables: Stop carping and eat copi

<div>Edibles & Potables: Stop carping and eat copi</div>

Europhiles like me aren’t afraid of carp. In fact, I have fond memories of being fed the pond-raised variety.

Edibles & Potables: The hallowed Czech and Slovak family tradition of yuletide carp

Of course not everyone is a Europhile, or has the patience and fortitude to wash out the mud from their future delicacy over a few days’ time via the bathtub. In fact, not all of us even have bathtubs.

It’s a long way to Tipperary from Košice, and longer still to the Illinois River watershed around Chicago, where invasive Asian carp threaten to unsettle the balance of native species.

Eating the enemy is an excellent idea, but first Americans accustomed to lovingly gazing upon the Potemkin facades at Disney World, and imagining there’s anything at all real about them, must undergo aquatic re-education, which is to say Marketing Therapy 101.

Hence carp now gives way to copi: “Focus groups described copi as ‘cute’ and ‘manageable.'”

To hook American diners, an invasive species of carp gets a new name (The Economist)

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