Eight Appliances and Gadgets Every Modern Home Should Have

We seem to be moving at an ever-increasing rate and modern lifestyles are more chaotic and demanding than ever. Balancing work schedules with family commitments means there is usually little time for self-care and relaxation.

Although the advances in technology have played a significant role in this acceleration, it has provided some pretty brilliant gadgets and appliances that make life a little easier to cope with. Most households these days are stacked full of the latest products on offer, creating an efficient home that slots right in with busy schedules. Here are some of the most popular items today:

Coffee Machine
The first thought on most people’s mind when they wake up in the early hours, before a long commute to work, is grabbing a decent cup of coffee and sometimes having to walk to your nearest Starbucks doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Coffee machines have really upped their game and have a huge variety of features available to create that perfect morning beverage. Most appliances can now conjure up the perfect espresso, flat white or macchiato in seconds, or even a hot chocolate for the children, making them the ‘must-have’ gadget in any household.

Air Purifier

Healthy living is at the forefront of modern living right now and this includes the quality of the air we breathe. Pollution levels are rising and densely populated areas are becoming increasingly affected. Every modern home should have an air purifier as many products on offer today double up as a heating and cooling system as well. Dyson’s Pure Cool technology can display real-time air quality and gently heat the room up simultaneously.

Boiling Water Tap

In the interest of speed, boiling water taps are an essential accessory in any home. Instead of waiting 3 minutes for your kettle to boil, you can have instant access to piping hot water that’s perfect for your morning drink. It also speeds up cooking time and can be so useful for sterilizing bottles if you have a newborn in the house.

Remote Heating

Household Heating has had a serious upgrade with the introduction of remote-controlled systems such as Hive, you no longer have to wait an entire day to get your house warm after you’ve been on holiday. Linking to an app on your phone, remote systems allow you to alter the temperature from your office, a restaurant or even the beach.


The staple appliance for any individual looking to save time is the trusty dishwasher, the savor after a large dinner party or even a regular Friday evening with your incredibly messy kids. Cutlery and plates can be cleaned with the flick of a switch, saving energy and time on scrubbing the dishes. Add this trusty appliance to your kitchen and search online for “local dishwasher installation near me” to find a professional to plug it into the plumbing.

Robotic Lawnmower

When winter starts to thaw and spring starts to blossom, most people rejoice in the warmer weather. If you’re property features an extensive garden, however, you’ll probably be preparing for the endless hours about to be spent mowing the lawn and keeping up with the ever-growing garden.

Purchasing a robotic lawnmower can eradicate this household chore for you. Gardena’s robotic lawnmower is compact and easy to use with a simple installation and navigation system. You can adjust the cutting height to suit your needs and even fertilize your grass as it works.

Gas Barbecue

Spending warm summer evenings eating al fresco can be completely ruined when the coal barbecue wont light and sometimes when you can eventually get it going, it takes forever and day to reach the temperature required for cooking.

Gas barbecues provide instant, controllable heat that can be adjusted to suit the produce your cooking up for dinner. It’s the perfect accessory for hosting large summer garden parties or even just rustling up a mid-week burger to indulge in.

Food Processor

There’s nothing better than a food processor if you’re a keen cook at home as recipe times can be reduced so easily with this handy appliance. Avoid hours chopping potatoes into the perfect dauphinoise and crying over those pesky eye-watering onions, as most food processors have tons of chopping settings and can dice up fruit and vegetables in an instant.

Less time can be spent slaving over the family meal, and more time can be spent enjoy the finished product with your family. Ideal when free time is so precious and rare in the chaotic jam-packed lifestyles lived my most people these days.