Ex-Anchor Featured in Pool-Poop Story

Abby Miller was interviewed by WCPO-TV

Abby Miller was back on TV the other day.

No, the former WLKY-TV morning anchor didn’t find a new gig. Miller, who recently relocated to northern Kentucky, was an interview subject in a story on WCPO-TV in Cincinnati about a public pool closing because it feared a shigella outbreak.

For you non-medical experts, that’s a bacteria found in fecal matter that can make you ill. So the authorities up there don’t want anybody pooping in the pool, and banned children who weren’t potty-trained from using the pool. Abby and her twin boys were turned away.

That policy didn’t go over well with Abby, who told ’em so. She said the authorities shouldn’t punish all kids “for illnesses that aren’t linked to pools.”

In her reporting days, I’m sure Abby would have jumped all over the story.  Maybe it will motivate her to re-join our band of bloggers here in Louisville. We miss her.