Exercising Smart Not Hard- The Pulse of Getting in Better Shape!

I will be the first to tell you I did not become a professional athlete at a very young age because of my G.P.A. (even though it was 3.8) but from something I discovered outside the walls of institutional education; you class room elites just have to grin and bare this one.

I became great at my craft not for my ability to pronounce a Latin word like Latissimus Dorsi, but for my keen sense of exercising smart; I incorporated some common sense into it all. I want to share with you the smartest thing I have ever done over the last twenty years to continuously get results and stay motivated;

I put a “Time Frame” to my workouts!

Most people think, more is better, it will take to much time to get better shape or I’m so far gone now there’s no hope. Getting in better shape, dropping a few pounds or toning a thigh or two has more to do with quality than anything.

Here are five common sense things for you to get better results:

  1. Set a time frame or limit to your workout session.
  2. Wear a heart rate monitor when doing cardiovascular exercising.
  3. Cycle your workouts- add variety too everyone.
  4. Be consistent with less rather than inconsistent with more.
  5. Learn- Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

The heart beat to getting results in any workout program is working your body efficiently and effectively! It’s just that simple! More tips here!